Coronavirus Updates


Coronavirus Updates


Visiting Updates

We are thankful for the availability of a new booster vaccine that is available this fall. We encourage you to talk with your medical provider about the current boosters that are available. We continue to see COVID in our communities. Should a positive case of COVID-19 occur in any community, our practice is to inform residents, individuals designated as primary contacts and staff.

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Coronavirus Precautions

With vaccines on board, we can continue to have open visitation, meals, and activities (depending on local health department guidelines). We are thankful to the dedicated staff who continue to deliver care and services to residents and members. Despite the continued challenges presented by COVID-19, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide compassionate care and a safe environment for residents, clients and staff. 

Our efforts are closely coordinated with the CDC, CMS, and state health departments. The most up-to-date details are available on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 website and your local state health department site; see links below.

We remain focused on helping residents live fully and joyously. Daily life includes numerous opportunities to stay connected to the people and passions that mean most to them.

Cassia continues to take the following steps:

  • Routine resident screening and testing, following protocol
  • Employee screening and testing
  • Visitor screening upon entry
  • Regular communication with residents, families and staff explaining new procedures

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Visiting Updates

Visitation with minimal restrictions continues to be the practice for Cassia communities. Indoor visits are allowed at all times for all residents. Visits do not need to be scheduled and are not limited in number or age of visitor. We continue to follow all necessary infection control protocols and screening upon entrance and during your visits. 

Cassia understands the importance of visitation for the emotional well-being and quality of life of our residents. We encourage visitors to feel comfortable when visiting our sites. To maintain open visitation and safety for our communities, our current protocol is as follows:

While we prepare for these exciting changes, here are a few details you can expect:

  • Visitors will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19, as well as vaccination status as they enter our setting.
  • Visitors in public areas will be required to practice hand hygiene and wear well-fitting facemasks per guidelines, to observe appropriate infection control and prevention practices.
  • Visitors will be expected to practice social distancing with other residents and staff during their visits.
  • Physical contact including touch with the resident who is fully vaccinated is allowed, it is also allowed but not recommended with unvaccinated residents.
  • Education for visitors is available to all visitors in regards to Covid-19 and possible risks related to vaccination status and visiting when the site is in an outbreak.
  • Visiting during an outbreak is NOT recommended but is allowed per family members’ need or desire.
  • We encourage visitors to get vaccinated or take a test with a negative result 24 hours before visiting but it is not required.

While visiting is greatly expanded under federal and state regulations, there are a few exceptions: Visitors who test positive for Covid-19 or show symptoms of Covid-19, or currently meet the criteria for quarantine should not visit.

Visitors who refuse to follow facility Covid-19 protocols may be denied visitation.

Relaxed visitation protocols are not without risks, and we will do our best to alleviate them. We are continuing our comprehensive infection control practices to ensure the safety of staff and residents. Please note all visitors will be held to the same standards and expectations as those who live and work here.

At this time group activities and family-oriented events are not being scheduled and we ask that you do not attend any group activities with your family member. If you would like to share a meal with your family member please work with the site to find an appropriate spot, separated from the main dining rooms and other residents and staff.

The continued risk of COVID-19 transmission in congregate settings and the need for visits with families and friends can be safely and appropriately balanced. Our goal is to ensure you have safe and enjoyable experiences during all of your visits.

We continue to follow all required measures to protect residents and staff and are following the guidance provided by state and federal regulators. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us provide community access for family and friends to be with their loved ones. 

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Resources for National and Local Updates

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
Booster Information

State agencies where Cassia has communities





North Dakota

For additional information or questions, please contact Cassia at or Sharon Wilson, Chief Clinical and Compliance Officer at 952-855-5141. Please continue to check this website for updates and changes.