Who Should I Be Speaking With?

Who Should I Be Speaking With?

Mary Frances Price to spoke about the different fiduciary roles you encounter as a senior worker including Health Care Agent, Power of Attorney/Attorney-in-Fact, Trustee, Co-signer on an account, Executor, Personal Representative and more.

After watching this course, you will:

  • Understand the legal responsibilities of each role.
  • Understand the interplay between the various designations from a legal and financial perspective.
  • Be able to help resolve conflicts between the various roles.

About Our Speaker:

Mary Frances Price is a shareholder at Moss & Barnett. Mary has been licensed to practice law since 2005 and has counseled and advised hundreds of clients on their estate and elder care plans. She focuses her practice on serving individuals and families who are establishing an estate plan, revising one or dealing with the legal, medical, and financial impacts of aging, chronic illness and disability. She has been accredited to practice before the Department of Veterans Affairs since 2008.