Alice Duo, Emerald Crest Resident Coordinator

Face of Caring – February 2023

Alice Duo, Emerald Crest Resident Coordinator

Since Valentine’s Day celebrates love for friends, spouses and co-workers, we are honoring Emerald Crest Resident Coordinator Alice Duo for putting her heart and soul into her work daily. Alice has worked at Emerald Crest for close to eleven years.

Registered Nurse Lindsay Kluge is sharing Alice’s story because her compassion is known throughout the campus. “Alice treats every resident as if they were her own family,” Lyndsay says. “Whenever a resident passes away, declines, or becomes ill, Alice will tear up as if the resident an extremely close relative.”

“One day,” Lindsay writes, “I walked into a resident’s room as she was declining. I did not expect to see Alice sitting there, holding the resident’s hand and playing music for her. A lot of people would take that small amount of down time to get an extra break, or perhaps get something to eat. But not Alice!! Time and time again, she will use her own time to sit with residents, especially when she knows there is a great need. When I asked Alice why she likes working at Emerald Crest, her response was “Because everyone here is like family and I love them all.”

Thank you, Alice, for blessing Cassia and serving others with such compassionate care.