Older and Wiser

Former Vikings All Pro Linebacker Matt Blair posed for a picture.

Behind the Door at Open Circle

MaryBeth Blair didn’t expect to fall in love with Open Circle in Hopkins, MN when she first encountered it. “The unassuming awning in the middle of the block gives you no idea of the great things happening behind that door,” she admits. Yet, she adds, “I knew the moment we walked in this was the right fit for us!”

MaryBeth’s late husband, former Vikings All Pro Linebacker Matt Blair, was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in 2015. Eventually, meeting Matt’s needs and taking care of herself became too much and MaryBeth realized she needed support. They began to look for an adult day program. They toured many, but MaryBeth was beginning to worry if they’d ever find the right fit. That’s when they discovered Open Circle.

Structure, Joy and Relief

Open Circle programs brought structure and joy to Matt’s days and relief for MaryBeth. “I loved Open Circle. More importantly, Matt loved Open Circle.” MaryBeth chuckled as she recalled, “On weekends and holidays when they were closed, he wouldn’t take my word for it—more than once, we had to drive by so he could see for himself.”

Open Circle allowed Matt to stay at home with MaryBeth, while offering her much-needed time for herself. “Sadly, not everyone can make that happen,” she says. When MaryBeth learned that some are not able to afford to attend Open Circle, she was compelled to help. She donates monthly to Open Circle’s Bridge Program, which helps bridge the financial gap for families with limited resources.

The Impact You Make

MaryBeth Blair believes strongly in philanthropy, donating to numerous charities. “Matt and I had a mutual love for helping others… it’s a priority and an honor,” MaryBeth says. “Not everyone can give financially, but if we each could give ten, twenty or thirty dollars, it would accumulate to a large enough amount to impact many.”

We are grateful to donors like MaryBeth Blair for helping families attend adult day centers, regardless of their incomes.

Because of our donors, older adults who have outlived their financial resources are able to attend their adult day program and afford other services.