Honoring A&E Pharmacy

by Josh Cleveland, Social Media Recruiter, Cassia

In honor of Pharmacy Month we at Cassia wanted to throw some light on our very own A & E Pharmacy.

When I think of a pharmacy, I am drawn back to my childhood memories of our neighborhood general store. Past all the soda pop, moon pies, and greeting cards there stood a large counter in the back where a delightful older gentleman was there to greet you with a smile (and for me, usually a little candy sucker). He was often the only one in the pharmacy, but never seemed bothered no matter how busy he was. He was there to serve his purpose of serving his community by aiding in their road to health, recovery, and comfort. It was all about connection and compassion. Or perhaps easier thought of as, see a need fill a need.

At A & E Long Term, our team of 33 people do their best to live that out as part of Cassia’s mission of striving to inspire residents to live the lives that are most fulfilling to them. They are not the typical retail or mail-order pharmacies. It is not just about filling the prescriptions, but also about helping the residents and their families navigate the prescriptions. Our staff are there to answer questions and offer the safest care possible.

The connection is what keeps our staff moving every day. These are not just customers or residents that we are serving, they are grandmas and grandpas, moms and dads, and they are somebody’s loved one that we have the honor to serve. Especially in these times when family cannot always or are not always allowed to be there for their loved ones, our pharmacy staff gets to be the extension of that family‚Äôs care and love. We get to be the hands of compassion that each person needs.

Elizabeth Scott, pharmacy manager at A&E, says there are many challenges they have had to face during this time of COVID. “We’ve had to navigate people’s fear of disease and making sure our staff feel safe to come to work every day.” They have put multiple and effective safety protocols in place to keep the workflow moving safely and efficiently. They have even found some new and more efficient ways of delivering prescriptions to residents during this time.

One of the most important things that our pharmacy staff give is their time. Simply put, it takes time to care. There is a ton of time that goes in to checking prescriptions and making certain they are correct and ready to go. It also takes time to deliver these prescriptions to our residents as effectively as possible. No matter what the weather or other conditions, these prescriptions must be delivered and delivered on time.

Our staff take the time to care because each prescription, resident, family member, and co-worker is worth every second of that time. See a need, fill a need.

Josh Cleveland is in his first year as Social Media Recruiter with Cassia. He spends much of his time refining effective ways to find quality job candidates through various social media outlets.