Cassia in the News

Preston Brown in black shirt with Cassia logo, smiling at the camera. Newton Village logo in the upper right.

Newton Village Nurse Preston Brown Named Iowa Caregiver of the Year

Is there a professional caregiver in your life who is dedicated to making life better for others? Does he or she make you feel stronger, happier—and better able to deal with whatever is ailing you??

LeadingAge Iowa was looking for exactly the kind of person described above—and found him in Licensed Practical Nurse/Charge Nurse Preston Brown. In 2022, Brown was chosen to be LeadingAge Iowa’s Caregiver of the Year for his service to skilled nursing patients at Newton Village.

Brown’s peers would say he was chosen because he has the heart of a servant—which is what the word “Cassia” is supposed to mean. We asked one Newton Village resident to tell us about Preston Brown’s commitment to excellent care.

Diligent Care Prevents Hospital Readmission

When asked about how Brown helped her, the resident said she has battled a chronic condition at various care communities and at home for many years without success. She has also had frequent hospitalizations. However, after diligent, skilled care and assessments by Brown, the resident’s condition improved dramatically.

 “I feel like I’m getting the care I need now, and Preston is a big part of that,” the resident says.

“I truly believe it is Preston’s great care that prevented hospital readmissions and infection,” adds Newton Village Director of Nursing Sarah Coy.

What Do Co-Workers Say?

What do Preston’s coworkers say about him? Sarah Coy shared what she heard from staff:

  1. Preston always shows up to work with a smile … and the heart of a servant. He looks after his coworkers and makes sure he sets them up for success before he leaves.
  2. He makes sure that labs are drawn, wounds are documented and all meds are given before he walks out the door for the day.
  3. No nurse ever has to worry that they are going to be left with too much to do—because Preston always goes above and beyond to provide health care and help residents with activities of daily living
  4. Preston is the first nurse to jump to answer a call light, help a resident out of the dining room or be the second man when someone needs assistance. This man never sits; he is always on the go, serving with integrity.
  5. Preston stays current on what is happening locally, nationally and around the world. Residents love to talk with him about current events. It helps them feel connected, which was so vital to residents’ mental health during the pandemic.

“I also want to share a story about a Newton Village resident who enjoys watching wildlife outside his window,” Coy says. “In fall, deer often run on the land near our campus. That’s when Preston took it upon himself to entice the deer to come a little closer.

“Preston would buy corn and put it outside the resident’s window,” Coy adds. “He also shoveled a path in the snow to ensure the deer could get to the window easily. The resident was thrilled.”

Compassionate Nursing

Families have also taken the time to write letters to and about Preston.

“You are a wonderful health care person, for sure. But more importantly, you are such a compassionate nurse I remember your work ethic and teamwork every time I saw you,” wrote a couple named Jim and Mary, as Jim’s mother was a Newton Village resident.

These examples tell only part of Preston’s story. Much more will be told at the LeadingAge Iowa Conference in September. “I believe Preston Brown is the nurse that every one of us aspires to be,” says Sarah Coy.

Congratulations, Preston, for not only being an extraordinary nurse—but for your extraordinary compassion, care and love.