Open Circle Adult Day Services and Home Depot Building Community

Members of Augustana Care Open Circle Adult Day Services of Apple Valley recently enjoyed a Wednesday morning with hammers in their hands. The local Home Depot invited Open Circle of Apple Valley to join them in making projects. It is a goal of Open Circle to engage members in community life and this was the perfect opportunity. The smell of lumber, hardware, and paint was the first impression that triggered memories. “Smells like Saturday morning,” one gentleman commented. We all shared stories about projects and home repair followed.

It did smell like Saturday morning because that is always the time for repairs and projects. Our memory banks are not only full of vacations, careers, and life changing events, but the smell of the local hardware store is in there too. The face of the women in the bakery, the owner of the local gas station, the way your car sounds when it starts are all memories from days gone by. Our fun adventure to Home Depot helped us retrieve some quotidian details from our early life.

The welcoming staff at Home Depot had an area set aside for construction of bird feeders or wooden calendars. All the necessary items were provided, such as hammers, screwdrivers and other supplies. They assisted and advised each of our Open Circle members. The spontaneity of the group led to singing one chorus of the song, “If I had a Hammer.” When it was time to leave, each member had a completed project and another project to build at home!

It was a day of building on many levels. Open Circle and Home Depot built a relationship – “come back anytime!” they said and their staff waved goodbye as the members left the building. Open Circle was building the experience of adult day services by facilitating community engagement.

Open Circle Adult Day Services help people with changing physical, cognitive and or social abilities to achieve their goal of living a full and meaningful life. Sometimes that means hammering nails again. The staff of Open Circle wants to say a big thank you to their community partner, Home Depot of Apple Valley.

Augustana Care Open Circle Adult Day Services provides respite care for caregivers while helping people with changing physical, cognitive, and/or social abilities enjoy fulfilling lives. We offer three convenient locations throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. Each of our locations offer programs, recreation, personal care, respite and social connections to individuals with memory loss or other emotional and physical needs. Contact one of our centers to learn more about how Augustana Care Open Circle can support care partners to find balance and meaning in a life touched by memory loss or other diagnosis. 

The author, Patty Crawford, is the Center Manager at Augustana Care Open Circle of Apple Valley. She has been a part of Augustana Care for over 40 years. Patty is also a sought-after public speaker on subjects of aging. She weaves her insight and research into meaningful presentations. Patty is a Master of Leadership graduate from Augsburg University.