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Recipe for a Long Life: Residents Featured on WCCO-TV

In March 2017, two Augustana Care residents who live at Augustana Apartments of Minneapolis participated in a news story about longevity and sent happy birthday wishes to radio and TV star Sid Hartman on WCCO TV. You can view the story below or at this link.

The story was generated by WCCO-TV reporter Susan Elizabeth Littlefield, who called Augustana Care to ask if we could recommend someone “in the neighborhood of 100 years old” who could speak about longevity. We didn’t have to look far to find two exceptional people—though in fact, there are quite a few at Augustana Care!

Both residents talk about being active and engaged in the world around them, and both defy the stereotypes that many have about older adults. That’s why we are so happy to share this segment with you.

Another reason we want to share this story is that one of Augustana Care’s guiding principles is to value older generations’ talents and experience, because we want to raise awareness of the value older generations bring to our communities. Sid Hartman is one of the more famous examples—but the residents we see every day bring enormous value too, through the experience and wisdom they share.