The Face of Cassia

Bev poses for a picture

A New Beginning at Praha Village

Bev has experienced a lot of adversity in her life. This includes Polio, loss of loved ones, surgery, two falls and—now—new health challenges.

However, the resident of Praha Village Assisted Living in New Prague, MN, takes it all in stride.

“I just accept it,” she says. “Maybe it’s the Lord’s way of telling me, ‘Do the best you can with what you got.’”

After her two falls and amidst a new diagnosis, Bev knew she needed to move out of her split-level home. Even though her son had installed chairlifts to assist her, the time was right to move on.

Bev’s son and daughter-in-law introduced the idea of considering Praha Village. When she visited, she thought it looked like a community she would like to join. Then, she found the apartment she wanted.

Bev and her son, Mark, pose for a picture together.

“(My son) Mark brought me right down here and we walked in and I saw the sun coming in and I said, ‘I want this.’ I knew right then that I was going to put my name on this one,” Bev says.

She says she adjusted to life at Praha Village quickly.

“I felt comfortable right away,” she says.

She even declined having someone take her to meals her first few days, a service Praha Village provides for new residents.

Bev credits Praha Village with improving her quality of life at a tough time.

“Within two months of moving into Praha, I felt like I had lost the darkness,” she says.

Bev knows her neighbors and enjoys participating in group activities such as crafts, puzzles and bingo.

In fact, Praha Village hosts many events, some that occur weekly and other special events.

“We have margaritas at happy hour,” Bev says. “Once a month, we have pizza and beer: we put $5 in the pot and they go get pizza and soda and beer.”

Some events include State Fair day and Jeopardy day. They celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Kentucky Derby and other holidays and events.

“There’s so many things,” Bev says. “Every week, there is something different, fun going on.”

Bev says she also enjoys bingo, exercise class, birthday bashes and trips to the grocery store.

Bev also takes advantage of many services Praha Village offers. She also gets her blood drawn, blood pressure monitored and weight checked monthly.

Her service plan includes three meals daily, weekly housekeeping and weekly linen changes.

“Jenessa is my bed maker and I love her,” Bev gushes. “She’s taught me how to fold fitted sheets. After all these years. We have a system.”

Jenessa visits every Tuesday and starts washing Bev’s sheets while Bev goes to breakfast. Bev returns to a made bed and washed sheets that she then puts in the dryer. Jenessa returns later to fold them and put them away.

“How much better can you get?” Bev opines.

When asked what she thinks of Praha Village, Bev says, “It’s great. Great! At this time in my life, this is what I want. I’m very satisfied.”

Even better than being satisfied is feeling at home where you are. After transitioning to Praha Village, that’s how Bev feels.

“Everything just fell into place and it couldn’t have been any better,” she says. “I was going to have my home around me because I brought things from home. This is my home now.”