The Face of Cassia

Chef Carlos at Haven Homes poses for a picture outside on the patio with barbecue.

Beyond the Grill: Chef Carlos’s Personal Touch at Haven Homes

Residents at Haven Homes know they are in for a treat when the warm summer breeze carries the mouthwatering aroma of barbecue through the air. They eagerly await the chance to sit outside on the beautiful patio and eat a delicious meal prepared by Chef Carlos.

Carlos, the Culinary Director at Haven Homes, fires up the grill every week to create an incredible barbecue meal for residents. He turns mealtimes into extraordinary experiences that foster joy, connection and togetherness.

With each carefully prepared dish, he ensures residents can truly savor the vibrant flavors of the season. Take, for example, one of his recent menus that had it all: succulent beer can chicken, a refreshing broccoli salad, fresh corn on the cob and perfectly grilled potatoes. And, of course, dessert was not forgotten- everyone enjoyed refreshing ice cream paired with a delectable cookie.

Exceeding Expectations

Carlos’s dedication to residents goes beyond simply preparing delicious meals. He thrives on meeting their requests. In fact, it’s rare for him to utter the word “no” to anyone.

Even during the winter months, Carlos ensures that residents can enjoy a special treat each week. He sets up a made-to-order omelet station in the dining room, providing a delightful breakfast experience for all.

Witnessing residents savor their meals and seeing the beaming smiles on their faces brings Carlos great joy. His commitment to creating an exceptional dining experience for each resident showcases his compassion and empathy.

“Carlos is the perfect example of hospitality at its finest,” says Lynda, the Director of Marketing at Haven Homes. “He genuinely cares about the dining experience for each and every resident. He is able to meet each resident where they are at in their life journey with compassion and empathy.”

Beyond his culinary skills, Carlos’s genuine care for residents shines through in every interaction. This personal touch makes Carlos a beloved figure at Haven Homes. Residents not only enjoy his culinary creations, but also appreciate the warmth and kindness he brings to their lives.

Carlos’s warm and welcoming demeanor has a profound impact on the atmosphere at Haven Homes. With his genuine care for others, he effortlessly creates an environment of joy and comfort. His authentic nature and dedication set him apart as a shining example for the entire team at Haven Homes.

“His calm demeanor, along with his sense of humor, puts all around him at ease – you feel as if you are with a longtime friend when you are with Carlos,” says Lynda. “He is the real deal!”

Recipe for Success

Carlos says he enjoys working for Cassia at Haven Homes, as they prioritize employee well-being and growth. With over a year of experience, Carlos has quickly become an invaluable and cherished part of the team.

When asked about his advice for aspiring cooks and chefs, Carlos highlights the endless opportunities for learning and growth. According to Carlos, the culinary world offers a never-ending journey of knowledge and skill development. It is important to embrace changes and keep learning.

Dedication to Excellence

Carlos’s passion for his craft shines through in his unwavering commitment to Haven Homes’ residents. With genuine care and strong attention to detail, he ensures that every dining experience is extraordinary. Carlos’s love for cooking extends beyond the kitchen and into the hearts of the residents he serves.

His strong dedication to serving exceptional food comes from his desire to see residents happy and content. Whether he’s grilling outdoors or preparing custom omelets during the winter, Carlos strives to provide excellent customer service. Haven Homes takes great pride in having Carlos as a part of their team.