The Face of Cassia

Emerald Crest Chaplain, Pastor Arlen Solem, poses for a picture with resident Roxie.

A Beautiful Journey of Faith: Roxie’s Baptism at Emerald Crest

At 84 years old, Emerald Crest resident Roxie felt a calling to be baptized.

One afternoon, while talking with fellow residents, the group shared stories about being baptized in their younger years. Roxie had accepted the Lord as her savior, but had never been baptized. In fact, all of her children had been baptized and, for most of her life, they had all been involved participants in their shared faith.

In that moment, Roxie knew in her heart what was missing. She spoke to Pastor Arlen Solem, her chaplain at Emerald Crest, and expressed her longing for the sacrament. With his support, her wish became a reality.

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