Plan a Future Gift

We are honored he chooses to be a supporter of Cassia, which extends Margaret’s legacy as well as his own.

He is Cassia

John, donor

John, donor

What will be your legacy?

Plan a Future Gift

Whether you are twenty-eight or eighty, the time will come for you to consider what you will pass on to others. Consider how Cassia’s mission to provide fullness of life for older adults could have a place in your legacy.

Your future gift allows Cassia or a specific Cassia community to plan for the future. The demand for senior services is on the rise, and through your gift we can be prepared to meet those needs.

Many assets can be considered in planning your legacy gift. Gifts may be fully deductible; consult an attorney to be sure. Please verify with your attorney that a provision produced states our legal name: Cassia, EIN: 83-1758728.

Gifts Distributed after Your Lifetime

Bequests or Living Trusts
Bequests are made as part of a will or trust, can be for any amount and are paid to the charity after your lifetime.

Life Insurance Gifts
You have the ability to help others by making large donations at little or no cost by naming Cassia or a Cassia community as a beneficiary.

Retirement Plan Gifts
You can avoid double taxation on retirement plan assets through gifts from your retirement plans (IRAs, 401K or Keogh) by naming Cassia or a Cassia community as a beneficiary.

Retained Life Estates and Tangible Property
Gifts of tangible personal property or real estate can benefit you by reducing your or your heirs’ tax burdens while providing significant support to Cassia or a Cassia community.

Gifts That Supplement Income

Charitable Gift Annuities and Annuity Trusts
You make a gift to a charity like Cassia and in return, you are eligible to take a partial tax deduction for the donation, plus you will receive income for the rest of your life.

Charitable Lead Trusts
You can minimize your heirs’ tax liabilities while providing income to charitable organizations, after which your heirs receive the remaining principal.

Charitable Remainder Unitrusts
With this option, you can supplement income for you or your heirs with fixed annual payments during your lifetime. Afterwards, remaining assets go to your charity.

We’re Here to Help

We can help you plan your gift and create the legacy you will pass on to others. You can choose your legacy gift to benefit a specific Cassia community or program. Please call or use the secure form below to contact us to learn about how you can direct your gift to benefit people locally.

Matthew Crawford, Vice President of Philanthropy | 952-855-5181

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