The Face of Cassia

Lead Housekeeper Dianna Smith

Face of Caring – September 2021

Dianna Smith has worked at Trinity Springs for two years. She is an integral part of Trinity Springs, doing everything she can to make life easier for the people we serve. During the past year, staffing has been a significant challenge, but Dianna has taken it upon herself to step up and fill multiple roles for the department to assist the residents. “She is the hardest worker I have seen,” says Director of Facility Services Anthony Taborda, who adds, “And I have some experience.”

Dianna’s get-it-done attitude has proven to be massively supportive for the community, especially during the past year. She has also taken a leadership role in overseeing the Environmental Services Department. She has created schedules, placed orders and trained temporary staff—without being asked to do any of it. Diana enjoys what she does, and she proves it day in and day out. It’s an honor to be working alongside her and watch her develop into a future Cassia leader. Her consistent answer when asked for anything:

 “I will get it done.”